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U10-U12 Technical Training - Nov & Dec

The Michigan Fire Juniors Technical Training Program for our aspiring U10-U12 boys and girls will offer a limited space program beginning in early November on Thursday nights as follows:


Thursday's, Nov 8, 15, 29, December 6, 13, 20 with two - 1.5 hour sessions offered. First session times are 5:00 pm-6:30 pm. Second session times are 6:30 pm-8:00 pm. 


These futsal based technical training sessions will be at Rivertown Sports located at 2605 Sanford Avenue Southwest Grandville, MI 49418. 


Cost for Michigan Fire Juniors players age U10-U12 are only $60 and space is limited. Non-MFJ players can also sign up for $90. This 6 week program will offer 9 hours of training where technical skills will be introduced and refined, and application of those skills will be encouraged through small-sided play utilizing the proven futsal methods and balls.


To register for this program with your GotSoccer account, click this link.


How Does Futsal Promote Better Technique?

Just watch futsal players fight to keep the ball from crossing the touch line and you’ll immediately begin to see how futsal develops skill, control, and technique. A small field with lines puts players constantly under pressure from other players and out-of-play boundaries. Players must learn to settle the ball rapidly, cut sharply, shield effectively, pass quickly and move into space.


Compared to walled soccer or large indoor field soccer, futsal places a greater premium on ball control. There is no reward for errant passes because the other team gets the ball. There is no reward for errant shots because the other team gets the ball. There is no incentive to ’kick and run’ because the field is too small and packed with players. Players with the ball must use proper technique to maintain control and must seek out other players in space. Players without the ball must move to ’real’ space and must truly support their teammates.


With futsal, the emphasis is clearly on control and technique. Without control and technique you cannot expect to succeed in futsal. And, if US players are to be more successful in the international arena, it is clear that we must better train and prepare our youth on proper technique. If you are serious about skills and technique development, futsal is the superior activity. Futsal promotes better technique and develops skills more rapidly. If you are serious about the quality of the time you spend playing or watching soccer games, futsal is clearly better.


How is Futsal Better than Walled Soccer?

Futsal improves player soccer skills better than walled soccer for both offensive and defensive skills training.


As an offensive Futsal player, there are no walls to save errant passes. There are no walls to stop long balls. There are no walls to rebound errant shots. There are no walls against which to pin the ball or your opponent. There are no walls to help you if you lack the feinting skills to beat a defender. There are no walls to save you if your teammates are not moving into space to support you. In general, you must control the ball, use proper touch and technique, use correct pace, send accurate service, and truly work dynamic combinations.


As a Futsal defender, you can ’face up’ on an oncoming player just like in outdoor soccer (there is no wall pass to beat you). You can let errant passes go out of bounds to win the ball (the proper result of your opponent’s mistake). Goalies and defenders can concentrate on proper shot blocking angles. You do not need to worry about long overhead balls which should go out of bounds. You can drive an oncoming player into the side to break up break-aways or outnumbered breaks. In general, you can practice and perfect the defensive techniques which apply to outdoor soccer. You don’t waste time working on defending against phantom players (i.e. walls).




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