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Parisi Training

Parisi Speed School located at MVP Sports in Holland is now available to club members at significantly reduced prices.  

The MVP Sports Performance Team of Holland is very excited for the opportunity to train the Michigan Fire soccer organization this winter using the Parisi training method. Here is a summary of the Michigan Fire Training Program and also some common questions that have been asked. 


Michigan Fire Winter Training Information:


FINAL Evaluations [free of charge]


Thursday Jan. 3 at 6:30pm @ MVP Athletic Club, Holland.

Saturday Jan. 5 at 12:30pm @ MVP Athletic Club, Holland.


Session Dates: Begins week of Jan. 7 and ends March 16. (10 week program)


Tentative Training Days/Times: The athlete’s initial evaluation score will determine which level of training they will participate in.


Cost: $96 per athlete to train 1x week, $176 per athlete to train 2x week. Payment is due at first training session (week of Jan. 7th).


Common Questions:


Why does my son/daughter have to do an evaluation?

There are several reasons why we require all our athletes to participate in a pre and post evaluation. 1) It allows us to determine each athletes overall athletic ability so we can appropriately place each athlete into a class that will most benefit the athlete. 2) It provides us with some baseline information on each athlete so we can track each athlete's improvement as they complete our program 3) It shows in which areas the athletes need the most improvement and helps us design our training program. These are all very important components to our training which is why we require all Michigan Fire soccer players to do these evaluations in order to participate in our program!


How does the evaluation determine the "class" my son/daughter should participate in?

Each athlete will get a total score that reflects his overall athletic ability. These scores will be used to place each of the Michigan Fire soccer players into one of the following  classes: Jump Start   (JS) , Total Performance 1(TPI) , and Total Performance 2(TPII).  After the initial evaluation, the scores of all the athletes will be sent to the parents so they know which class (JS, TPI, TPII) to have their child participate in. A schedule of these classes (JS, TPI, TPII) will be sent out with this email so parents can determine which days/times work best for their child. The number of Michigan Fire players that participate in the program will determine how many days/times we are able to offer of each class. The more athletes that participate in the training, the more sessions that will be made available for each class and the more flexibility your child will have on choosing which sessions to attend!


What if my son/daughter misses a training session?

If an athlete misses a session then he/she will have the opportunity to make up that session by attending a different day/time of that class. The make up session must be made up within 7 days of the missed session.


Should my son/daughter participate in 1x week or 2x week training?

This depends on your sons/daughters winter schedule. If he/she is participating in other winter sports then I would recommend 1x week training. If he/she is not doing another winter sport and has more free time then I would recommend 2x week training. I would encourage all athletes to train 2x if possible, but results will be seen regardless of training 1x or 2x week!


Is there a discount for being a member of MVP or having multiple children participating in the program?

No. This is already a discounted price for the Michigan Fire Soccer Organization.


Can an athlete that does NOT play for Michigan Fire Soccer participate in this program?

No. This is exclusively for Michigan Fire players. If you have another son/daughter interested in doing training with us we have other training programs available to them. Please ask a trainer for more information.


Again, please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. I will send out another email after the evaluations are completed with more information regarding days/times of classes being offered and also payment information. I look forward to meeting all of you and helping your children become better athletes!



Josh Kapla

Training Team Leader

MVP Athletic Club-Holland

616-594-7024- Direct



For more info, click here.


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