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The MISSION STATEMENT of the Fire Juniors is – “To Lead the Evolution of Youth Soccer in the United States.”
The VISION of the Fire Juniors is – “To foster a culture of excellence both on and off the field of play. To create an environment that develops players from grassroots through to college, MLS and National Teams.”
What are the key features of the Fire Juniors?
-A professional Major League Soccer approach with a local focus:
Fire Juniors are supported by a professional MLS structure while maintaining a local focus that meets the needs of youth players in the community. As part of the Chicago Fire Player Development Program, Fire Juniors players (boys and girls) have access to unparalleled opportunities for soccer development.
-Individually designed player development programs for boys and girls:
The dual ‘premier’ and ‘select’ programming gives youth players an opportunity to be placed in the right environment that maximizes their individual player development potential.
-Competitive and value driven pricing:
Fire Juniors membership fees include- professional training; structured seasonal training plans; ‘player pass’ uniform ordering; college recruitment support and access to the Chicago Fire boys academy program & girls elite player initiative. 
-Be part of a national network of MLS youth soccer clubs and tournaments.